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TCE 09Our policy of continual renewal means that there has been repeated investment in the machinery we use. This might be to replace machines that have reached the limit of their effectiveness with the more capable modern versions, or to bring in a new type of machine that would take conversion on to another level.

In our efforts to keep costs down, at times, it has felt like the only way to do this was to take a leap forward in the technology we use to cut foam shapes.

We were one of the first converters to use theTCE 02 new generation of Horizontal CNC machines that used blades to cut the foam. But ours went further; it incorporated a 90° turntable where material could be turned on the same location to accept a different profile for the return pass! Suddenly we had moved on from 2 dimensions into the realms of 3D!

This was followed by the Vertical version, a versatile machine that is ideally suited to small quantity, more complex shapes. TCE 14Cushions could now be cut to one shape in one direction, and then turned and be cut to a different shape in the other!

These machines are equally capable of handling long, large-quantity orders as they are the more complex, smaller-batch profiles.

The great advantage of this generation of machines is that they work by reading digital programs sent direct from the design studio to the production floor. 

TCE 03 TCE 15a TCE 19

With the advent of electronic transfer of designs using DXF and DWG files from our customers, there are very few limits to what we can make.

And the real bonus is that there is no expensive tooling to be laid down.


Deflexion Cutting

TCE 12 TCE 06 TCE 08

Special among the machines we have is the Deflexion-cutting machine (sometimes referred to as a Doming machine). This works by compressing the foam on a former, and then cutting it horizontally, while it is still compressed. When released, it not only gives the finished the shape, but also the varying contours on the top surface.

It gives the style and finish of a moulded cushion, but without the problems of voids in the moulding. And, as there has only been a nominal charge to lay down the tool, it comes at a fraction of the normal price for a moulded cushion!

As far as seats and cushions are concerned, the concept of rapid prototyping of designs and profiles is here now! 


Deflexion-cut Gift Packs

TCE 21The deflexion-cutting machine does not only cut cushions using a positive profile – where the waste foam is the piece that is left from around the part. It can also cut special parts using a negative profile – where the waste is a piece that is cut from the middle of the foam block.

This type of part is quite commonly used for gift packaging because of the unique properties of foam. Bottle packs, sometimes accompanised by glasses, are designed to hold glass as foam is the only material that can absorb the shock energy should the pack be dropped!

The second example shows a gift pack that has beenTCE 20 designed to hold a tankard so that it not only offers protection should it be dropped, but it also makes sure that there are no marks left by vibration during transit. Once again, it is the special properties of foam that make it the only material that will leave a product unmarked and undamaged by this sort of treatment!

Our reputation for innovative design coupled with accuracy and good quality has been secured because we work tirelessly to maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.

All this and more, is available to help you, and its only a few clicks away!!

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