Speciality Products

We make some products that just cannot be easily classifed, each  part performs an important job and without them things would be louder, more uncomfortable or just messier. 

All these parts are foam-based, and we supply them in signicant quantities into many different industries. 

Acoustic Products– like CNC-cut profiles for Quiet Rooms, maybe special Sound-Absorbing tiles for ceilings or Foil-backed foam panels for under-bonnet noise absorbtion in automobiles

SP 18 SP 03 SP 12

Rollers– Specially cut foam rollers for machines, or fabricated on to wooden mandrels for weight-lifting, or maybe even a very small anti-rattle pad with self-adhesive backing

SP 19 SP 20 SP 11

Corner Blocks– for mattresses covers that need to maintain their shape while not being too firm when sat upon.

SP 04 MB 02 MB 06

All-Foam Units– like a range of stools or a chair unit built on a board base or perhaps its a bolster for loungers

SP 01 DF 02 MB 01

And finally– a blanking-plate for aircraft engines that prevent leaves and debris accumulating in the engine housing when the plane is on the apron.

SP 21B SP 21A SP 21C


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