Display and Presentation Sets

We  can supply a full range of Display and Presentation Foam sets tailored to your exact requirements

Possible uses could be for Instrument Sets and Tool Kits, maybe Complimentary Care Care Kits or Presenatation Gift Packs. In fact they can be used for any application…  

We can make them with an outer profile so that they will fit into any case that you might want to use, or they can be supplied as standalone rectangular units that can be inserted into a specially made carton or shell and slide.


PresP 05 Instrument Kits or Tool Kits – each with a dedicated aperture for each individual part PresP 09
 PresP 04 PresP 01 PresP 21
PresP 20 Care Care Kits can be made with flexible layouts to suit different requirements  PresP 11

Here are a few examples of other display and presentation kits that we can supply

Small packs can be  made specially for single valuable parts/pieces… PresP 19 …that must arrive undamaged and work first time.
PresP 24 Special Gift packs made on our Deflexion (Doming) machine TCE 20
Medical Kit packs for various size bottles and jars… PresP 17 …holding different fluids for specific testing protocols
 PresP 03 Parts can have a plain foam finish or have a coloured fabric top surface PresP 22
Any design can have a shaped profile (egg-box) foam lid… PresP 24 ..that compresses against the components to  keep them in place

We hope that these examples have given you an idea of the range of units that can be supplied. Please call us to discuss your particular set.

And remember, the layouts can be as flexible as the foam…

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