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The range of packaging items we can supply is virtually endless.

We design and supply all styles, whether it be plain or profiled, fabricated or hinged, simple or a bit more complicated. It could be a dedicated design for one particular unit or adaptable to suit a range of similar items, they could be in Polyethylene or HLB foam. We can supply them all!


The following items are all made from Polyethylene foam. 

Simple corner blocks that are flat-packed but fold out and click into place PkgP 13 PkgP 14
PkgP 06 Fabricated End-caps (with welded joins for extra strength)   or Hinged & Fold-out Quarter-caps PkgP 07
PkgP 01b
PkgP 01a
 More intricate flat-pack End-Caps that expand, fold out & click into place, …possibly even in Anti-Static PkgP 08
PkgP 10 PkgP 11 Complicated cradle sets with  adjustable layouts for different versions of the same product


These items are made from HLB (High Load Bearing) foam

PkgP 02 Perhaps all you want is a foam block with cut-outs ….or Profile (Egg-box) foam cut to size PkgP 15
Maybe you need a Cradle Set, that offers complete protection from a totally enclosing foam assembly… PkgP 03 …made in halves, this is ideal for heavier items which can be laid into the bottom half of the cradle
PkgP 12  Or it could be transit packaging, for units that need to arrive undamaged  and ready for use PkgP 05

These are just a few examples from the full range of units that we can supply.

Whatever you need, in whatever material, give us a call to discuss your exact requirements.


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