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No matter what type of foam you need – we can help you…

Whether its for Offices or Reception or Break-out Areas,COF 11 Modular seating or Stools, we can supply it.

If you make 8 hour, 12 hour or 24 hour Chairs, High Back or Low Back, with Lumbar supports or extended headrests, we can supply the cushions that meet all these specifications.

COF 10If you have the latest draw-string machine or you prefer to rely on the craftsmanship of the upholsterer, you need the shape of the cushion pads to be consistent and the foams must be durable.

We offer high-resilient foams that are CNC-cut to very fine tolerances.


Is there a way to cut the tooling charges when developing new seats?

Chair manufacturers are faced with the never-endingCOF 02 task of developing new models that are in keeping with the latest design trends. New models in small batches are made to market-test a design before proceedng into full production.

The conventional-wisdom of incorporating the differing contours into a chair back has been that it must be a moulded cushion.

COF 05But due to the high-cost of laying-down a moulding tool, this was a non-starter in many cases unless there was the guarantee of high quantity sales to justify the expenditure.

Well we have the solution – our deflexion cutting machine will give the same finish and contours as a moulded cushion but with a minimal tooling cost.

This will allow your project to progress with a nominal tooling cost, and the unit cost will be very cost-competitive when compared to moulded cushions.

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 Talk to us and see how we can help you reduce costs and see your designs progress to market


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