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No job is too large – or too small.

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For many years we have been a major supplier of cushions to many of the most reputable furniture manufacturers in Britain.

We offer co-ordinated delivery of large-volume componentsDF 03 so that the parts that are required first are delivered first.

But did you know that we also supply low-volume batches to the small craftsmen working on bespoke furniture in their workshops? For us, no job is too large – or too small!


Good Quality Products.  On Time – Every Time!

Whether it is plain or shaped foam, fibre wrapped or fibre-fill, all of the cushions that we supply come with the same promise of ‘right first time – right on time’

DF 05We have stood the test of time and have a long-established reputation for making consistently good quality products, delivered on time, every time.

Our committment is to give the  best possible quality with a very reliable service. It is our guarantee and it doesn’t matter what size you are, you get the same unsurpassed service!


Is it just a plain old piece of foam?

If its not the right size – and how many cushion suppliers can’t cut the right size –  then theres no point in going on to cut a shape, or put a radius on the front or join it to another piece.  And putting on extra fibre won’t hide it!DF 04

If it starts off wrong – it will always be wrong! If the cushions don’t fit together, gaps appear, the cover won’t match, the suite doesn’t look right, and the customer is far from happy!

Just a plain old piece of foam?  No, its much more important than that!

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