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Maybe you are having a problem with a particular part and its costing a lot of money to be put right. Its time to think of some Bespoke Packaging…

PkgP 03Perhaps the part is being damaged in transit, and by the time its gets to the customer, a close inspection shows that it cannot be used. A replacement is required as soon as possible, but you cannot be certain that this one won’t arrive damaged as well.

How do you make sure it stands a chance of getting there in the best possible condition? You might be thinking of using bubble-wrap, and maybe putting it into a cardboard box, or even going further and using a plastic tray!

Whatever it costs, the problem needs to be sorted beforePkgP 05 you lose the account.

What’s the solution? The solution is to use some specialist packaging to cushion your parts and protect them in transit.

This type of packaging has been used quite extensively in industry for many years on parts that need to arrive at the production line, ready for use without any problems.

But it works equally well in other areas like laboratories or classrooms. It might be for something small like a tray of tubs that are used in a laboratory.

PkgP 04Or perhaps in the classroom, where at the end of a lesson, all the equipment need to be accounted for.

It could be a single-use item that is to be discarded after one trip. Or maybe its got to be used for many trips over a good few years. It could be a very large unit like a metal Charging Post for electric cars, or a tray for some very small laboratory tubs.  

The real bonus of using a foam-based pack is that itemsPkgP 12 that are used together can be supplied together, each with its own dedicated aperture.

Whatever you need, we’ll offer you a solution that will make sure the problem disappears with the minimum of fuss….

So, the real solution is to contact us because we have the expertise to supply the solutions to your the problem.

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