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We have supplied foam to the major UK mattress makers for many, many years.  And we have also supplied all-foam mattresses since long before they became fashionable.

We also supply Memory foam toppers. They can extend the life of a tired mattress for a few more years. As can be seen, they can be supplied as completely flat toppers or possibly castellated so that there is a graduated, more comfortable feel.

Maybe you are looking for a combination of both.MB 04 Perhaps a firmer foam mattress base with a Memory foam topper. No problem, we can supply these at very reasonable prices.

 Just let us know the shape and size you need and we’ll give you a quote.


MB 13But why would you choose an all-foam mattress over a conventional interior sprung mattress? Well, the difference is all in the movement!

As the term suggests, a sprung mattress uses the springs to push upwards against the body. As each spring is inter-connected to all the others, when it is compressed, large areas move and bend.

Over time, the springs that are in the main contact areas will become weaker and the mattress will start to sag. If you are looking for comfort and support, it is not good when this happens.

A foam mattress is different. It moulds around the body, compressing more at the main contact areas and less so at the others giving a more even weight distribution.

And that leads to a more relaxed nights sleep.


Mattress Corner Blocks 

We also supply a full range of other foam parts that areMB 05 used in mattresses. We make a range of special mattress corner blocks that provide the softer feel to the corners while maintaining the shape of the mattress.

The examples shown here are in chipfoam from our standard range, but they can be easily supplied MB 06in differing sizes and other densities or types of foam to give you the exact feel that you require. 

Our standard range has 4 different shapes and sizes. But if you require something a little different, please contact us so we can show you how easy it is to get the product you really need.


Headboard Foam

As you would expect of a major foam supplier, we also provide the foam for headboards that compliment the mattresses.

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