Filters and Filtration

Commonly referred to as Filter Foams, we have supplied reticulated foams for many years as filters for both fluid and air applications.

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These filters can be supplied as straight-forward rectangles, with either flat or profiled (egg-box) surface finishes. But we have the technology to go further, and cut them into some rather unusual shapes.

For Filtration, the irregular surface of the profile foam,  or the CNC-cut shapes are very important because they increase the surface area of the filter making it much more efficient than a plain flat surface.

Fluid Filtration

Tradionally, fluid (wet) filters are polyether-based foam and are made in various colours. It is fairly common practice for 3 or 4 different colours to be used within a range, with each colour donating a different pore size.

The filters can be found in the following applications:

  • Pond Filters
  • Graduated Filter Packs
  • Locomotive Air Intakes
  • Paint Application Systems
  • Colour Paint Sample Applicators
  • Polish Applicators
  • Pipeline ‘Pigs’
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Air Filtration

Tradionally, filters that are used solely for air (dry) filtration are made using a polyester-based reticulated foam. These are predominantly black or dark-grey.

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Automotive Air Intakes

FF 07Sometimes 2 different grades are laminated together to work as a graduated filter.

Depending on the minimum particle size that needs to be eliminated, these graduated filters can have 3 layers.

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