Aircraft & Boat Seating

The expertise we have in cutting and fabrication of Upholstery and Furniture means that we are also in demand to provide foams into some very specialist seating applications

Aircraft Seating

SP 17 SP 14  SP 22

We offer a full cushion service to aircraft seating refurbishing contractors. We can match existing designs for Cushions and Squabs, or design to new customer briefings.

The regulatons would normally require the design to have core made of combustion-modifed foam, this is then covered in a carbon-impregnated barrier foamSP 21 layer which is then completely enclosed in a Fire-Blocking material.

Cushions and Squabs can also be supplied with Hook and Loop strips fabricated in place on the reverse/underside to allow easy fitment of the covers.

As can be expected of a major supplier into this sector, we offer full compliance and traceability of materials


Boat Seating

For many years we have supplied several of the leisure boat manufacturers with original design cushioning.

The skills we are able to use and our ability to work to very precise tolerances, coupled with our machine technology, means that the service we provide is ideally suited for this industry.

The requirements for a Marine enviorment are just as demanding as those for the Aircraft Industry, and the customers know that when the cushions arrive from Dee Bee, they will be ready for immediate use. 

W 03 SP 22 FF 11

Ezy-Dri Reticulated Foam Cushioning

We can also supply the new range of Ezy-Dri cushioning foams. These reticulated foams have been specially developed with larger, open pores to allow maximum water drainage and air circulation.

Used as outdoor cushions, they dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray and morning dew, and they still provide the same properties and comfort of cushioning.


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