A Feel for the Foams ….


We cut a wide range of foams on a daily basis, and they are usually available for immediate supply…

  • Combustion Modified Polyether Foam
  • Combustion Modified High Resilient Foam
  • Memory Foam
  • Chipfoams
  • HLB Polyeurethanes
  • Plastizote Polyethylene
  • Ethafoam/Stratocell Polyethylene
  • Reticulated Filter Foams

All of these grades come in a range of densities, hardness’s and in some cases, a choice of colours.


To be able to cut such a wide range of materials with the accuracy that our customers need, requires some very sophisticated machinery. We have the following machines:

  • Horizontal CNC Contour Machine
  • Vertical CNC Contour Machine
  • Horizontal Stack Slitter
  • 5 Vertical Bandknives
  • Adjustable Angle Bandknife
  • 2 Automatic Vertical Lines
  • Deflexion-forming (Doming) Machine

But the investment in machinery and the wide-range of materials is meaningless unless you know how to use them to get the best results.


We have a feel for foam. . .

A small tweak here, a slight adjustment there… It’s something you can’t get from the machine manuals. But we know how get the best out of the machines.

It is no accident that we are leaders in our industry. It’s because our expertise was gained the hard way, at the very sharp end of conversion.

And as we all know, expertise is priceless!


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